GREEN Karwei en Raab Karcher

Company spaces

The market for business spaces is changing. Less square meters, but more quality. Large business spaces are being replaced by smaller multipurpose spaces. A new kind of real estate has been created.

Because of increasing digitalisation, users of real estate require less space. An example: for decades legal firms had large buildings with endless rows of cabinets filled with (law) books. That is all over now. The cabinets have been replaced by a database. That is how digitalisation has a huge effect on the demand for space.
Another development. More and more, users of real estate do not want a large space, but are looking for a valuable space. What is considered valuable, depends on the kind of users and its clients, visitors or business partners.
GREEN has always put the partner and its (potential) business first. That knowledge allows us to consider the renters' situation and propose solutions for the demands of today and tomorrow.