The organisation

GREEN has a flat organisational structure in which responsibilities are delegated as much as possible.

The management team consist of Aart Jan W. Verdoold (Managing Director), Richard Braun (Financial Director), Klaas-Jonathan Bals, Koen Gerrits and Paul van der Eng.

Aart Jan Verdoold

Aart Jan begins his career in 2002 as an employee at Basis Bedrijfshuisvesting, where he becomes a partner in 2004. At that time he is responsible for the real estate portfolio of Jan Zeeman. In 2005, by which time Aart Jan has become the real property manager of the portfolio, Jan Zeeman asks Aart Jan to join him on his side of the table. The real property portfolio has grown a great deal and Jan Zeeman wants to continue growing in real property. On 1 October 2005 the entrepreneurs create GREEN Real Estate B.V.

Richard Braun

As of May 2018, GREEN has appointed Richard Braun as their new Financial Director. Previously, Richard left the listed company Wereldhave where he worked since 2007 in the most recent position of director Finance & Investments. Together with the Managing Director Aart Jan Verdoold, Richard forms the statutory board of management of GREEN.

Klaas Jonathan Bals

Klaas Jonathan Bals has been a Management Team member since April 2016 and as an Asset Manager responsible for residential and commercial estates. Also, as a development manager, part of the development portfolio lies with him. Since 2009, Klaas Jonathan has been a part of GREEN. Klaas Jonathan studied Real Estate and Brokerage in Utrecht and has recently completed the Master Study of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) at Amsterdam School of Real Estate.

Koen Gerrits

Since April 2016, Koen Gerrits has been an Asset Manager of the professional and societal real estate and a member of the Management Team. In 2010, Koen started as Property Manager at GREEN. He studied Real Estate and Brokerage at Saxion University followed by the Master Study in Real Estate Management at the University of Groningen. Currently, Koen is studying for his postdoctoral Master of Science in Real Estate at ASRE. Thanks to his involvement in the investment portfolio, he has gained experience in the field of real estate management, appraisals, and portfolio analysis.

Paul van der Eng

On September 1, 2018, Paul van der Eng started at GREEN as a development manager. He is partly responsible for the GREEN development portfolio currently amounting to approximately 30 developments. After obtaining his Master in engineering (TU Delft), Paul completed his study business administration (University of Amsterdam). Previously, Paul held positions at companies such as Wereldhave and Hoorne Vastgoed. Paul is a member of the management team.