GREEN Eemplein


Success requires more than merely assessing and developing real estate. Buying land, financing, plan development, construction, exploitation and selling are all aspects that need to be set up as efficiently as possible. This often requires a new approach.

More and more often, GREEN is the director of the entire life cycle of a real estate project. This includes for example the buying of land, plan development, the construction process, the financing options, the administrative process and also the renting of the real estate. We look into the situations of the developer, the builder, the renter and the investor. We understand their roles, which brings us to new propositions and different solutions.  

GREEN seeks to establish close ties with its partners. These are created by the way we do business. Partners value our solidity. This means that we do our homework thoroughly, work in a modest way, and keep our promises. In combination with the power of thinking differently and acting differently, this leads to surprising results. View different combinations, collaborating differently and different possibilities for more examples.